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Valley // Chris McClarney // New Song Cafe

Valley // Chris McClarney // New Song Cafe

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Verse 1
You never said it would be easy
You never said there’d be no pain
But You promised You’d go with me
And Your promises You always keep

Verse 2
Lord, I confess how much I need You
I confess that I am weak
I can’t promise I won’t fail You
But Your promises will not fail me

When I’m in the valley
I will fear no evil
When enemies surround me
You prepare a table
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me

Verse 3
There is beauty in the struggle
You don’t waste a single day
Your presence is my shelter
Your presence is my victory

I can’t see it all
But I have seen enough to know
Oh, You are faithful

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Valley // Chris McClarney // New Song Cafe


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