Heaven // Passion // New Song Cafe

Heaven // Passion // New Song Cafe

Heaven // Passion // New Song Cafe

Watch the acoustic performance, hear the story behind the song, and learn how to play “Heaven” by Passion. Get free charts, lyrics, and resources here: http://www.worshiptogether.com/songs/heaven-passion

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Teach me how to listen
I want to know Your voice
Show me how to wade through
Living in the natural
Rise above the noise

Teach me how Your heart beats
Tether it to mine
The surgery is worth it
Get below the surface
Open up my eyes

I wanna see Heaven
So let Your Kingdom come
I wanna see Heaven
So let Your Kingdom come

If faith can wake the dead man
And hope can split the sea
Then help me to remember
The Kingdom of Heaven
Is living in me

If death, it was no match for
The resurrected King
Then help me to remember
That Heaven is alive
And it’s living in me

I feel the tides are changing
I feel the walls are falling down
I feel the darkness shaking
We’re calling up Salvation now


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