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All Praise // Sean Curran // New Song Cafe

All Praise // Sean Curran // New Song Cafe

Watch the acoustic performance, hear the story behind the song 3:37, and learn how to play
“All Praise” by Sean Curran 6:44. Get free charts, lyrics, and resources here:

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Verse 1
Every breath, it is a gift
Every moment is a treasure
All my past and my regrets
My present and my future
Every table is a feast
Every heartbeat is an altar
Every step a mystery
I’m walking with the author

So I fix my eyes upon You
I fix my eyes upon You
So I fix my eyes upon You
I fix my eyes

All praise all praise
Heaven bent to meet us
Father, Son, and Spirit
All praise all praise
God and man together
One with us forevermore

Verse 2
In famine we will eat
In drought we’ll see a downpour
Let all our fighting cease
The Prince, our Peace has conquered

Bridge 1
Why should my heart grow weary?
Don’t be so downcast, O my soul
You are in every moment
You are my greatest miracle

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